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Upper Management Principal Biographies

We invite you to browse through the professional biographies of the upper management personnel at Diversified Healthcare and learn about some of the people who make our organization successful, efficient and distinctive.

Brian May

Brian May is an owner and co-founder of Diversified Healthcare, L.L.C. Mr. May brings more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry to the company.

Earning a bachelorís degree in accounting from Louisiana State University, Mr. May began his career as a certified public accountant. After practicing several years in public accounting, he served for seven years as the chief financial officer of a long-term care management company with facilities in Louisiana and Arkansas. Mr. May is an active member of the Louisiana Nursing Home Association as well as several other civic and social organizations in the Baton Rouge community.

Martin Stott

As an owner and co-founder of Diversified Healthcare, L.L.C., Martin Stott brings extensive knowledge and experience to the company.

After earning a degree in general studies from LSU in 1978, Mr. Stott worked as the administrator of the facility he and his grandfather built, Grace Nursing Home in Clinton. In 1983, along with several partners, Mr. Stott opened Feliciana Home Health and became the administrator in 1986. In 1994 Mr. Stott opened his own management company, Feliciana Health Services.

Mr. Stott serves as vice president of the Louisiana Nursing Home Association, treasurer for the Louisiana Nursing Home Association Self-Insurance Fund, secretary-treasurer for the Louisiana Nursing Home Association Malpractice and General Liability Trust Fund and chairman of the State of Louisiana Board of Nursing Facility Administrators.

Chris May, NFA
Director of Operations
Chris May joined the Diversified Healthcare team in June of 2014. With a degree in General Studies from Florida International University, Mr. May began the Administrator in Training Program at a Diversified Healthcare facility in October 2014. He became a licensed Administrator in August of 2015. As a Project Manager, Mr. May was responsible for allocating tasks and managing the cost, time and scope of special projects.  He now assumes the position of Director of Operations. In the role of director of operations, Mr. May is responsible for the growth and management of Diversified Healthcare including the provision of quality services, department supervision, and staff management.

Branden Leblanc, RN
Corporate Nurse

Branden Leblanc joins the Diversified Healthcare staff in the role of Corporate Nurse. He most recently has served as an Administrator at a Diversified Healthcare facility. In this position, Mr. Leblanc is responsible for ensuring the quality of care of each resident, as well as monitoring the systems and nursing protocols of the facilities and providing ongoing education to the nursing staff. 
As a Corporate Nurse, Mr. Leblanc will be primarily focused on upholding the standards of Diversified Healthcare as it relates to nursing care at all of our facilities.


Christine Mollere
Corporate Marketing Director

Christine Mollere is employed as corporate marketing director and oversees all marketing efforts of Diversified Healthcare and its facilities. In addition, the company employs marketing managers at each facility to assist the home in census development by communicating its services in the communities where we operate.

Ms. Mollere has been employed by the company since March of 2006. Prior to her employment with Diversified Healthcare, she served as vice president of corporate communications and investor relations for The Shaw Group Inc. in Baton Rouge.

Kathy Alford
Information Officer 

Kathy Alford is employed by Diversified Healthcare, L.L.C. as its Information Officer. In this role, Ms. Alford is responsible for the development, management and distribution of the Company's internal information resources.

After joining Diversified Healthcare in September of 2007, Ms. Alford played an integral role in the development and management of the Company's website, bringing ten years of experience as a production manager in the graphic design/advertising field. Ms. Alford received an Associate Degree in Nursing in 1996, and was subsequently employed as a Pediatric RN. She also holds a BS in Elementary Education and a MEd in Education of the Hearing Impaired. She spent 8 years as a teacher for the hearing impaired.




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